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Policies and Guidelines

All participants must sign and present the Cullman Grotto release form prior to participating in a grotto-sponsored trip. 

As a general rule, we follow the rules and practices as define in, "A Guide to Responsible Caving" (published by the NSS). We expect all participants on grotto-sponsored events to be familiar with and adhere to these guidelines. We will help correct any bad practices through mentoring, and if necessary, by corporal punishment (not necessarily in that order). 

Other "oppressive" Rules

  • Participants not known by a grotto member, may be required to produce proof of qualifications before attending a "vertical" trip.

  • Grotto etiquette: 

    • No in-cave smoking

    • No alcoholic beverages while caving, including travel and approach/exit hike

  • The designated trip leader will be the acting safety-leader for any given trip (in the absence of a safety-advisor) and is responsible to see that grotto rules are honored.

  • Person(s) willfully violating the rules will be given a warning. If infractions continue, the person(s) will be subject to reprimand, including grotto expulsion (i.e.: expel, banish, exile, deport, evict, expatriate, dismiss, and or dismember).

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